“Natalia Subota and Partners” Provides Legal Support for Journalists who Suffered in the Fight

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“Natalia Subota and Partners” Provides Legal Support for Journalists who Suffered in the Fight


The employees of the “Gregos” firm and unknown persons caused physical injuries and as a result three journalists suffered. A photographer of the newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraina” Oleksandr Techynsky has a fracture. The main demand of the victims is following: to institute criminal proceedings against the employees of the “Gregos” firm and other natural persons who caused physical injuries and who put obstacles in journalists’ way while they were doing their duty.

The policemen who were present at the time of law violation have to be punished because they violate the law as well: “they didn’t provide public order, they didn’t interfere in the conflict and let assault and battery of citizens happened, including such journalists as O.Techynsky, I.Lutsenko, V.Hontar, they didn’t protect human rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian citizens and journalists, they didn’t arrest people, in who’s acts corpus delicti was present”.

This petition concerns events which took place on the 2nd of October in Kyiv. The conflict took place near the Sound Recording House. The people who were against the building up process in the capital and the employees of the “Gregos” private firm were involved in this conflict.

The next day PR-department of the Main Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv announce that police institute criminal proceeding because of hooliganism which took place on the 2nd of October near the building on Pervomajskogo 5-b in the Pechersky region of the capital. As a result the representatives of mass-media and several employees of the firm “Gregos” are suffered.

Photos of this event were made by Mykola Tymchenko and given by the editorial of “Vechirniy Kyiv”.

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