How to Sign an Ideal Collective Agreement

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  • Advocacy of state enterprise in the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), $ 44 million
  • Legal support of one of the candidates for mayoral position in pre-election campaign 2010.
  • Judicial support of president pre-election campaign 2010 on local levels
  • Reverse of Government Decree Concerning Pension Contribution for Private Entrepreneurs
  • Cars Evacuation is Revoked in Kyiv
  • Case "Karaoke on the Maidan"
  • Case "Koretsky vs. Ukraine"

How to Sign an Ideal Collective Agreement


Professional activity in global and local hotspots and the responsibility for modern equipping – are one of the main stipulations on which you have to pay your attention. It happened that management claimed a compensation for camera which was stolen. It was insured and an insurance company had totally covered the cost.

The collective agreement in which employer-employee relationships are clearly regulated is a timely decision to decide almost all controversies in media outlets. That is why the Law Firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” work up an ideal collective agreement and journalist have an opportunity to scrutinize this document in Lviv on the round table.

“We worked up this collective agreement and it protects journalists’ rights for 100%. There is no employer who can sight such agreement. But when you negotiate with your employer it’s better to have a document in which you have as many rights as you can and while the negotiations goes on between mass media and the owner you have to be ready to “take out” some clause in contract.”, - Andrii Nechyporenko explained.

Journalistic experience of struggle for their rights in Croatia and Sweden were presented by media-experts, in particular by Serhiy Guz – the Head of Media Labor Union.

All participants received a textbook “Collective Bargaining in Media”, where all analytical material is presented.

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