A Struggle for TV Format: “Karaoke on the Maidan” and “Svoboda Savika Shustera”

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A Struggle for TV Format: “Karaoke on the Maidan” and “Svoboda Savika Shustera”


Natalia Subota and Andrii Nechyporenko won a first well-known case in Ukraine about TV format and it was almost 2 years ago. At that time other media outlet insisted, that it produced a new product quite independently – their own program’s scenario by using karaoke format, and this format – the idea of using songs in a karaoke-style is not protected by copyright.

From “Karaoke on the Maidan” side, we insisted that the program was based not on the usual singing songs with phonogram, but on the certain order of such singing, it had its rules, which were followed in each program, and all in all it was exactly an original product – the result of Igor Kondratuk and Andrii Kozlovs’kyi’s creative activity.

The parallels between situation with “Karaoke on the Maidan” and “Svoboda Savika Shustera” are obvious. But as far as we concerned it is necessary to warn that without careful analyzing of all circumstances and materials it’s impossible to say definitely who is guilty. It is quite possible that one and another side can give a number of weighty arguments in theirs favor. We hope that in this situation the justice will win, like it was incase withKaraoke on the Maidan.

Full text of the article, which was written by Andrii Nechyporenko, you can find on Telekrytyka.

If you want to know more details aboutKaraoke on the Maidancase, we offer to read Natalia Subota's article inJurydychnyi Zhurnal.

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